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Simba Mattress Review

Updated June 2024
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Simba Mattress
About Simba:

The Simba is a 25cm thick hybrid mattress, blending conical pocket springs with memory and poly foam. Rated medium-firm at 6.5 on the firmness scale, it's made in the UK and Poland. It offers a 200-night trial, a 10-year warranty, and comes as a bed-in-a-box, suitable for all UK and EU bed sizes.

  • The Simba is a 4-layer 25cm (9.75 inches) thick hybrid mattress with conical pocket springs, proprietary memory foam, and poly foam.
  • The Simba hybrid mattress is categorized as a medium-firm mattress. It manages a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.
  • This mattress is made in the UK and Poland and comes with a 200-night trial and money-back guarantee. You also get a 10-year warranty.
  • The Simba comes in all UK bed sizes from small single to Emperor and EU sizes ranging from EU small single to EU queen.
  • This mattress is part of the bed-in-a-box technology, and it's shipped in a large box measuring 107cm x 50cm x 50cm.
  • It works on any supportive mattress platforms, including box spring and slatted bed frame.
  • Simba offers white glove services at an extra cost. This service includes setting up the new mattress and taking away your old one.

Quick Overview

The Simba is a 5-layer 25cm (9.75 inches) thick hybrid mattress with conical pocket springs, proprietary memory foam and poly foam. The mattress is categorised as medium-firm, managing a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. It comes in all UK bed sizes from small single to Emperor and EU sizes ranging from EU small single to EU queen. This mattress is part of the bed-in-a-box technology and it's shipped in a large box measuring 107cm x 50cm x 50cm. This can be used on any supportive mattress platforms including box spring and slatted bed frame.


Bank Holiday Sale - Up to 25% OFF
Trial 200-Nights
Warranty 10 Years
Shipping/Returns & Returns
Mattress Type Hybrid
Firmness 6.5/10

Firmness & Feel

As pointed out earlier, the Simba hybrid mattress is a medium-firm bed that falls at 6.5 on the firmness scale. Most people who weigh 60-120 kgs will experience balanced comfort and support. Unlike sleeping on a memory foam-only bed, you won’t sink deep into this mattress. In addition, switching positions will be easy because the micro coils spring back instantly to offer constant support. Even better, these coils offer a decent amount of resistance without feeling annoyingly stiff.

Simba Mattress: 6.5 Medium Firm
Soft iconSoft
Firm iconFirm

Construction & Design

As a general overview, the Simba is a hybrid mattress in that it combines foam and coil technologies. However, it's important to mention that we don't consider it a true hybrid mattress given its 2cm (0.75-inch) conical micro coils. These are way shorter than the 8-11" springs that we see in most hybrid mattresses. All in all, whether Simba's patented spring system revolutionises comfort and support is something that we'll find out soon:

#1 Mattress height - The Simba mattress comes in only one thickness option of 25cm (9.75"). This is a relatively thin mattress compared to most typical hybrid mattresses that use full-size pocketed springs. This is also the lowest thickness that we recommend for a bed for adults. We expect it to lend enough support to most grownups across different body shapes and weight.

#2 Cover - The Simba hybrid original mattress features a 500g hand-knitted cover made from 100% stretch polyester. This is a light cover, so it won't affect the actual comfort feel of the mattress. It also has a good amount of stretch to it, which helps in retaining its shape. It's breathable, too, so it will help a lot in preventing hot air buildup as you sleep. Simba says that this cover is hypoallergenic, which means that it's free of chemicals that might trigger an allergic reaction.

#3 Comfort layer - This mattress utilises Simba's trademarked Simbatex foam for its comfort section. Simbatex is an advanced form of polyurethane foam. It's thoughtfully constructed with an open-cell structure that promotes air exchange to keep the sleeping surface cool.This layer also has graphite cooling technology. Of late, graphite has been used as a cooling agent in foam mattresses. Similar to gel, graphite works by absorbing your body heat and dissipating it away from you. Worth pointing out, this Simbatex layer replaces the synthetic latex that Simba used for the previous version of this mattress, and which suffered a lot from heat retention.

#4 Secondary comfort layer - In a typical hybrid mattress, this layer comprises a medium-density foam that basically transitions you to a dense coil system beneath. The Simba mattress has a different approach, though. This layer consists of patented 2cm cone-shaped steel coils that complement the comfort section above.

Simba says that the cone shape and length of these coils allow them to collapse to your body weight and shape with ease. This is important in ensuring that the coils remain supportive without feeling overly stiff. Mind you, owing to the micro size of these springs, the manufacturer is able to put lots of them in the mattress for constant support. The king size mattress, for instance, has 2500 springs.

#5 Transition layer - This section consists of high-density foam with several roles to play. First, it creates a base on which the spring system above can bounce on. Secondly, this transition layer cushions you from the firm base below. Also, this transition layer has a superior construction design that adds to the overall edge support of this mattress.

#6 Base - The bottommost layer of the Simba mattress is high-density polyurethane foam. This block has grooves around the shoulders and hips that offer zoned support around these regions. These grooves create more give allowing your heavy parts to sink slightly to promote spinal alignment. Also, these grooves act as air exchange zones boosting breathability.

Simba has taken a very different approach with this mattress's construction- and we're great fans already. The use of short but responsive coils makes it a suitable choice for people who like a spring-based bed but would prefer something less stiff and affordable. Again, by sandwiching this coil system between layers of foam, we think Simba has managed to solve the major issues that plague spring-based mattresses, including motion transfer and noise.

Simba Mattress
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Sleeping Positions

Thanks to the construction design of this mattress, we believe almost everyone will find something to appreciate about it. In general, Simba has designed a mattress that will comfortably accommodate most people across different sleeping positions. Basically, this mattress will fit the bill if you’re looking for a supportive mattress that doesn’t feel stiff, and which has a sensation of comfort and softness. Here is a low-down of how the Simba mattress feels for different types of sleepers:

Back sleeping
Based on Simba mattress reviews on the internet, this mattress has received the highest customer satisfaction rate from people who sleep on their back across all weight ranges. We attribute this to its medium-firm feeling and the zoned support in the base. By allowing your shoulders and hips to sink slightly, this mattress will align the spine to your neck and lower back for optimum support. On the other hand, the foam layers at the top contours to your body shape without restricting airflow for endless comfort.
Side sleeping
This mattress is very popular with people who sleep on their side too. By replacing synthetic latex with Simbatex, this bed now has a little more give to contour to your shoulders and hips to prevent jamming. At the same time, the micro-coil system and zoned base ensure constant support promoting healthy spinal alignment. While appropriate for side sleepers across all body shapes and weight, individuals above 60kgs (130 lbs) are going to appreciate it more.
Stomach sleeping
The Simba hybrid mattress has received a lot of positive feedback from people who mainly flop on their stomach. This isn’t surprising when you consider that this is a medium-firm mattress. This mattress has a pressure-relieving sensation credit to the thousands of curve-conforming pocketed micro-coils just below the comfort section. Worth pointing out, stomach sleeping is a delicate position. We feel that this mattress might be uncomfortably firmer for individuals who weigh less than 60kgs. For that reason, we highly recommend it to heavy individuals weighing above 60kgs.

Value for your Money

At its price tag, the Simba mattress is a high-value investment, especially when you factor in its construction and overall performance. Besides being comfortable and supportive, this mattress also addresses other critical aspects that make a great bed, including temperature management and edge support.
If you’ll be sharing this mattress as a couple or with a sleeping partner, we bet you’ll be impressed by how well it minimises motion transfer compared to innerspring beds. In addition, its above-average edge support makes it possible to utilise the entire sleeping surface comfortably.


Simba provides a generous 200-night home trial to test out your new mattress. If you don't like it? Just give them a call and they'll arrange a free collection and refund the cost of your mattress or any financing payments made (not including delivery charges). And even better - they don't ask you to get it back in the box! Plus every Simba mattress comes with a ten year guarantee. If it fails during that time, Simba will exchange it for a brand new one.

Our Mattress Verdict

The Simba mattress is a nicely-built mattress that we expect to meet most people’s sleep needs. This mattress offers an impressive balance between comfort and support and will accommodate different body types and sleeping positions. Best of all, the manufacturer has addressed the heat retention issue that troubled the previous version. We also appreciate the 200-night trial period and the 10-year warranty that Simba offers. Although most people end up keeping the mattress, those who’ve returned it affirm that the process is straightforward. Have we pointed out that all returns are free?

  • Offers excellent back pain relief
  • It’s cooling
  • Has above-average edge support
  • Accommodates various sleeping positions
  • Doesn’t make you feel stuck
  • Not as bouncy as standard hybrid mattresses
  • Mattress has no handles

Looking for something else?

    • Premium memory foam
    • Award-Winning Comfort
    • Airflow to keep you cool
    • Cashmere-blend quilted cover
    • Pressure-relieving memory foam
    • Coils ensure full-body support
    • Long trial period and lifetime warranty
    • Suitable for all sleeping positions
    • Contouring and bounce
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