Hypnia Supreme Hybrid Mattress
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  • 15 years warranty

Hypnia Supreme Hybrid Mattress Review

Updated July 2024
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Hypnia Supreme Hybrid Mattress
About Hypnia:

The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid Mattress is a UK-made, 6-layered bedding solution, combining Oeko-Tex certified fabric, memory foam, latex, polyfoam, and individually pocketed springs. Standing at 30 cm in height and available in 7 sizes, it offers a cloud-like feel with its pillow-top design. Rated as a medium-firm mattress, it scores a 6.5 out of 10 on the comfort scale. Delivered as a bed-in-a-box, it ensures convenience with a 200-night trial, 15-year warranty, and free shipping across the UK.

  • The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid is made in the UK.

  • This is a 6-layer mattress comprising Oeko-Tex certified fabric, memory foam, latex, polyfoam, and individually pocketed springs.
  • The Supreme Hybrid by Hypnia is 30 cm tall and comes in 7 sizes: UK single, UK small double, UK double, EU double, UK king, EU king, and UK super king.
  • Its construction design consists of a pillow-top that creates the initial pillowy, cloud-like feel.
  • This is a medium-firm mattress. Our Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress review team rates it 6.5 out of 10 on the mattress comfort chart.
  • As a bed in a box, the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid is delivered rolled and compressed in a box. Hypnia offers standard delivery throughout the UK. Shipping takes 48-72 hours.
  • The Supreme Hybrid mattress has free shipping and returns, a 200-night trial, and a 15-year warranty. 

Firmness and Feel

The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress has a medium-firm feel, which falls between firmness and softness. Our review team scored it 6.5 on the 10-point mattress firmness chart, where 10 is the most firm. As a multi-layer mattress combining pocketed coils, foam, and a pillow-top cover, the Hypnia Supreme solves many of the firmness and comfort problems for most people across all sleeping positions and weight ranges. 

For instance, the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress has a more body-conforming feel than a traditional innerspring mattress. The tufted pillow-top cover and multiple layers of foam are to thank for this cloud-like feel. 

On the other hand, the Supreme Hybrid mattress packs more support than most all-foam mattresses. Its coil system minimises excessive sinkage, thus supporting the spine in its neutral alignment.

Hypnia Supreme Hybrid Mattress: 6.5 Medium Firm
Soft iconSoft
Firm iconFirm

Construction and Design

Our full review of the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress starts by breaking down its construction design and materials. 

Mattress height- The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress has six layers totalling to 30 centimetres in height. The Supreme Hybrid is slightly taller than most UK mattresses, which top at 25 cm. This height difference suggests a thicker comfort section, which provides better initial comfort and cushioning. Hypnia also says the Supreme Hybrid uses slightly taller support coils for excellent support and durability. 

#1 Cover- The Supreme Hybrid mattress cover is made of a breathable Oeko-Tex-certified fabric that feels smooth. Generally, hybrid mattresses have above-average air circulation capabilities. But it pays to have a cover that promotes breathability, especially when memory foam is involved. This cover also wicks moisture to avoid sleeping hot. Due to its pillow-top design, you cannot remove the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress cover. The only way to clean any stains is through spot cleaning, ideally with a mild detergent. 

#2 Initial comfort layer- The pillow-top provides the initial comfort. We considered it the primary comfort layer in our Supreme Hybrid mattress review. Pillow-top is a common component in most hybrid mattresses. It helps add a significant amount of comfort to the mattress while maintaining its firmness and support. The pressure point relief of a pillow top makes it the preferred option for targeting back and joint pain across all sleeping positions. 

#3 Primary comfort layer- The main comfort layer of the Supreme Hybrid mattress consists of two foam layers- memory foam and latex. We are tempted to say this is the perfect combination we have seen in a mattress’s comfort section. The 5 cm layer of memory foam is responsible for most of the Supreme Hybrid’s pressure relief and motion isolation. It uses your body heat and pressure to contour and hug your body. This can help distribute body weight and relieve pressure that typically builds around the neck, shoulders, and hips. The latex layer amps this pressure relief ability while minimising sinkage on the memory foam layer. This makes it easy to move around and switch positions.

#4 Transition layer- The fourth layer from the top is a block of convoluted polyfoam. This layer’s major role is reinforcing the comfort layers and stopping excessive sinking. It’s also called an insulator because it acts as a buffer between the soft comfort layers and the firm support core. Its honeycomb design helps boost air circulation to maintain a stable temperature. 

#5 Base- sitting below the foam layers is a layer of pocketed innerspring coils that provide the bulk of this mattress’s support. These coils reinforce the comfort layers by adding the support factor. A crucial feature of this coil system is its 7-zone design, which provides targeted support. It pays that these coils are individually pocketed. The coils move independently of each other, contouring your body curves much better. Pocketed coils also decrease the rolling effect typical of traditional innerspring mattresses. Hypnia Supreme Hybrid Mattress
Winter Sale! Get Up to 65% Off

Sleeping Positions

Hybrid mattresses are highly versatile. Combining four mattress technologies creates a harmonious balance of comfort and support that most people across different sleeping positions and weights will appreciate.

Side sleeping
Hybrid mattresses are ideal for different sleeping positions, but side sleepers tend to enjoy them the most. Lightweight and average-weight side sleepers (under 100 kg) should find the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress comfortable. These sleepers should enjoy excellent cushioning around the shoulders and hips. A few side sleepers above 100 kg may find it too soft. But generally speaking, the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid is a good mattress for side sleeping.
Back sleeping
The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid is among the best mattresses if you sleep on your back. Back sleepers prefer a mattress with a firm surface that prevents the pelvis and midsection from dipping excessively into the mattress. However, the mattress also needs to have a nice contour to cradle the curve at the lower back gently. Most back sleepers should enjoy a good balance of comfort and pressure relief. However, we’d advise heavier back sleepers (above 100 kg) to consider a firmer mattress as their midsections will likely sink further into the comfort layers.
Stomach sleeping
In our Supreme Hybrid mattress review, we figured it might be a good choice for most stomach sleepers. But stomach sleepers weighing below 60 kg are likely to enjoy it the most. Stomach sleepers above 60 kg prefer a firmer mattress to prevent the abdomen from bowing and pulling the spine into an uncomfortable U-shape. This may cause or aggravate existing back pain issues.

Value for Your Money

The listed price of the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress is slightly higher than most hybrid mattresses. But Hypnia mattresses are often on sale. For instance, Hypnia has a Father’s day sale offering a 64% discount at the time of this writing. But even before the discounts, our review team agrees that the Supreme Hybrid offers a good value for money, considering it combines a pillow top, memory foam, latex, and pocketed coils. The four technologies work together to create a mattress that performs above average in most areas that matter when choosing a mattress: pressure relief, temperature control, edge support, sex, and ease of movement. 


Hypnia offers you a 200-night trial with the Supreme Hybrid mattress. If you decide the mattress is not working for you, Hypnia will send a courier to collect the mattress from your home on a day that works for you and refund your money. Returned Hypnia mattresses are recycled or reconditioned and sent to charities. Returns are free. If you decide the mattress is for keeps, Hypnia offers a 15-year warranty. 

Our Mattress Verdict

We are big fans of the Supreme Hybrid mattress’s design. And we believe most people across different sleep positions will enjoy sleeping on this medium-firm hybrid mattress. This is a popular mattress, as Hypnia mattress reviews on Trustpilot suggest. It’s slightly pricier than most all-foam mattresses. But if you are struggling to get a comfortable and supportive mattress, the Supreme Hybrid is a noteworthy consideration.

  • Blends bounce and conforming
  • Accommodates most sleeping positions
  • Great temperature regulation
  • Easy to move on
  • Above-average edge support
  • Not enough support for heavyweight stomach sleepers
  • Cover cannot be removed

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